What is a notice to contractor?

A third-party often establishes a payment bond to ensure payment to a subcontractor in the event that the contractor does not meet their financial obligations. In this case, a Florida Notice to Contractor must be provided to the contractor to indicate that the subcontractor will seek payment through the bond should the contractor fail to pay them.

The contractor’s bond may secure payment for either materials or services for real estate improvement projects. A Florida Notice to Contractor can be furnished in advance of the beginning of the work, and cannot be furnished beyond 45 days past the first date on which labor, materials, or supplies are provided.

A Florida Notice to Contractor must be served by a lienor who is not contractually connected to the contractor, except a laborer. This announces the intention of the lienor to look to the contractor's bond for protection on the work. The document also includes the names of the parties involved, details about the location of the property, the improvements to be made, and the required materials.

Published: Sep 25, 2022

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

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