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At Easler Law we recognize that small details can make a tremendous impact. Attorneys who take the time to listen carefully and understand their clients can use little details as powerful tools to achieve the best results.

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Our talented and experienced attorneys and team members come from diverse backgrounds, but we share a common belief in doing right by those that entrust us with their legal matters. At Easler Law, we bring real-world experience to the table, we will critically think for you, we will do the work right, and we will never make excuses.

Andrew David Easler

Andrew David Easler, Esq.

Andrew David Easler, Esq.

James Timothy White

James Timothy White, GRI

James Timothy White

Jennifer Altreche

Jennifer Altreche Gonzalez, Esq.

Jennifer Altreche, Esq.

Practice Areas


Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning

Estate planning and asset protection is important for anyone with any assets or loved ones to protect. Our experienced attorneys can help you make the right plan, protect and mange your assets.

Popular Estate Planning Solutions

Last Will & Testament

Trusts & Asset Protection

Power of Attorney (POA)

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Real Estate, Evictions & Title

Our real estate, closing, and title team is experienced, efficient, and organized. We leverage the latest technology to make each contract, conveyance, and transaction look easy.

Popular Real Estate Solutions

Title Insurance, Closings & Settlements

Attorney Prepared Deeds

Residential & Commercial Evictions

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Securities & Finance

Our experienced securities attorneys and finance team draft offering documents, merger and acquisition agreements, and advise on public offerings of stock and other securities transactions that companies undertake to raise capital.

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Business & International

Our business attorneys with real-world experience advise clients on all legal aspects of starting, managing, growing, and selling businesses, including cross-border transactions, company formations, and helping foreign enterprises expand in the United States.

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Research & Publications

How To Avoid Using a Descriptive Trademark

How To Avoid Using a Descriptive Trademark

Can you imagine spending years of your life working to build the perfect image of your company, products, or services only to realize that you cannot successfully protect the brand that you have so carefully built? That is where the importance of selecting a trademark...

What Are Pre-Incorporation Agreements?

What Are Pre-Incorporation Agreements?

All businesses are started with an idea, and it only takes one person to believe in that idea before business planning commences. Before any work can be done to make that idea a reality, it is very important that some pre-incorporation planning take place. The...

POA 101: Who Has The Power?

POA 101: Who Has The Power?

When you sit down with an attorney to go through the fundamentals of the estate planning process, one of the questions you will almost certainly be faced with is this: who would you like to designate as your power of attorney. You may be unfamiliar with this legal...

Estate Planning: Tips For Having “The Talk” With Parents

Estate Planning: Tips For Having “The Talk” With Parents

Some people are planners by nature. They have their will and power of attorney drawn up before their first child is even born, and they pre-purchase burial plots long before retirement. If your parents are the planning sort, having “the talk” will probably be more of...

Building “Trust” Into Your Trust

Building “Trust” Into Your Trust

According to the dictionary, the definition of the word trust is a “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.” When it comes to legal matters, it takes on a whole other meaning. However, you’ll still want significant “trust”...

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