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    At Easler Law® we recognize that small details can make a tremendous impact.
    Attorneys who take the time to listen carefully and understand their clients can
    use little details as powerful tools to achieve the best results.

    Experience where it matters most.

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    Practice Areas


    Business Planning & Formation

    Whether you are equipped with a great idea and are ready to get started or you are ready to restructure an existing enterprise, we are here to help.


    Estate Planning & Asset Protection

    Prepare for the future you want, secure the things you care about, and take care of the people (and animals) closest to you.


    Real Estate, Title, & Closings

    Our real estate, closing and title team is experienced, efficient, and organized. We leverage the latest technology to make each contract, conveyance, and transaction look easy. 


    Securities & Finance

    Our experienced Securities and Finance team guides clients through a range of activities from raising capital, going public, completing mergers, and reporting. 


    Intellectual Property Law

    Some of the most valuable assets in the world are intangible intellectual property. We will protect your trademarks, copyrights, confidential information, and trade secrets.


    Administrative Law

    Administrative agencies are charged with implementing statutory law through regulations and enforcement. We are charged with helping you navigate through them.


    Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

    Let the experts handle your initial licensing, renewals, and ongoing reporting requirements ranging from healthcare and laboratory to financial services and trade.


    Tribal Law

    Federally-recognized tribal nations have a complete subset of legal and compliance challenges which are a natural part of sovereignty. Our team can help.


    International Law

    Our experienced team can help with a wide array of business matters including international business transactions, reporting and compliance, and listing on foreign exchanges.

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    Who We Are

    Our locally engaged team is devoted to ensuring the success of our Space Coast Community.
    We are known for integrating technology to improve how we serve our business, real estate, and estate planning clients without losing the essential personal connection.

    Our People

    Our attorneys and team members offer valuable insight from a diverse set of skills and experiences.

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    Andrew David Easler, Esq.

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    James Timothy White, GRI

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    Jennifer Altreche Gonzalez, Esq.

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    The Tort of Appropriation

    The Tort of Appropriation

    Consequences and Avoidance Strategies In the age of the internet, successful marketing and advertising requires businesses to be able to immediately capture the attention of potential customers. Often, this can be accomplished by using a familiar face or voice in...