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View available appointments with our attorneys, select times, and choose a date that works for you, remember our first hour of legal work is $250 and includes your consultation.  If you are scheduling a consult for estate planning, we credit the consultation fee of $250 to any estate planning package. For questions or urgent matters, please contact our law office at 321-206-3603.

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    Why an Initial Consultation Fee?

    Our fee covers correspondence, research, and review of your matter before the consultation and your first hour of actual legal advice on the matter during the consultation. If you don’t use the full hour to ask questions, that time can be credited towards performing necessary legal work.

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    Providing Actual Legal Advice

    Our consultations provide potential clients with valuable legal advice and information because we take the time to understand the details of your matter–before your consultation. This preparation allows our attorneys to deliver excellent value for your time.


    Time & Effort

    Our attorneys spend a great deal of time, effort, and money to develop their expertise, knowledge, and professional network in order to help our clients obtain positive outcomes for their matters. We value both our time and yours.

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