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    Tribal Law

    Tribal law is known by many names (sometimes “Indian Law”), and incorporates a vast array of legal topics. Tribes in Indian Country and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska as well as across the globe face unique challenges. Tribes are tasked with managing and caring for an entire nation of peoples, but don’t have the same ability to generate large tax revenue as other nations and governments.

    Federally recognized tribes must fulfill the same responsibilities that the United States federal government, state governments, and local governments fulfill at scale. Roads, healthcare, education, law enforcement, court systems, infrastructure, cultural preservation, and ongoing legislation are a small portion of the responsibilities of a sovereign tribal nation which must be implemented using only a fraction of the tax revenue. Alternative revenue sources such as consulting, gaming, tourism, and federal grants help to supplement budgets. Each revenue source involves complex legal frameworks which often overlap between local, state, and federal law, each presenting its own unique set of challenges to overcome.

    A tribal law attorney can help in a variety of ways ranging from assistance with obtaining federal recognition, compliance with federal laws, setting up income assistance programs, legal training, drafting and advising on tribal policy


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