Meet DTC Medical Supplies, Inc. CEO William Bierlein

May 27, 2021
By James White

William Professional Headshot.jpg 2 268x300 1DTC Medical Supplies Inc. specializes in providing rapid diagnostic medical supplies to healthcare providers, facilities, business owners, and consumers. The business model is built on a foundation of superior customer service, an extensive supply chain, and services that extend beyond drug testing supply needs. This allows them to assist their customers in more than one way.

Founder and CEO William Bierlein is no stranger to the medical services and supply field. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2015 with a degree in Health Services Administration. From there, he entered the healthcare services and device industry. William paid close attention, refined his business acumen, and learned as much as he could from his mentors. In 2017, he took a leap of faith to start his own small business in drug testing and medical device supply distribution, DTC.

Today, William is a successful entrepreneur with a young and talented team that heads up a nationwide leader in supply chain management and sales of drug testing supplies and services. Years of hard work and a commitment to networking have yielded stellar results: DTC enjoys positive relationships with drug testing manufacturers. This allows them to offer competitive pricing and (mostly) free shipping.

The company’s success stems in part from the variety of products and services they provide; they aim to be a one-stop shop that customers can rely on to meet multiple needs. Most recently, as the pandemic swept through the United States, DTC added Rapid COVID-19 antibody and antigen testing kits to their online catalog.

DTC also serves as a Certified Reporting Agency (CRA) that can perform personal and pre-employment background screenings. Web-based software makes it easy to customize background checks for specific screening requirements and results are typically available within 24 hours.

Through a relationship with, DTC is able to offer another value-added service. provides clients with a credible, responsive, and reliable source for drug and alcohol testing training. This may apply both to drug testing applications for the workplace and to entrepreneurs starting their own drug testing business.

William considers anyone he can help in more ways than one an ideal client, and will happily accept an unlimited number of inbound inquiries. His proudest accomplishment is having had the courage to leave his salaried position as an employee to strike out on his own. But he has no regrets!

To other young entrepreneurs considering a similar move, William has this advice to share: Start yesterday. If you pick up the phone every day to keep to earning new business and never quit, you will be successful.

William has a passion for small business and is proud of what he and his team have created. He works tirelessly to add value for his loyal customers, who keep coming back due to DTC’s commitment to fantastic customer service. He is motivated by the relationships he continues to build in his ever-expanding network, and, of course, by his family and community.

For those in need of rapid diagnostic medical supplies or some advice on starting a new business, William is easy to reach. Visit, email [email protected], call 321-206-0302, or connect with William on LinkedIn!

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