Meet Cayuga Drug and Alcohol Testing President, Brian Muldrow

May 30, 2021
By James White

2021 05 30 13 43 46Seven years ago, Brian Muldrow recognized a service need in Central New York and the Finger Lakes region. There appeared to be a lack of drug and alcohol testing companies that were professional, up-to-date on current regulations, and following best practices. Brian set out to change that in 2014 by founding Cayuga Drug and Alcohol Testing.

Cayuga Drug and Alcohol Testing is a minority-owned business enterprise and verified collection site. The company provides occupational drug and alcohol testing services to businesses and municipalities both large and small. Drug and alcohol testing services include urine drug screenings (in compliance with the Department of Transportation), hair and oral fluid drug screenings, and breath alcohol testing. In addition to testing, Brian’s team is able to provide training for employees that includes health and wellness education.

As an innovator in the testing industry, Brian has expanded his core offerings to include background checks and comprehensive reasonable suspicion training for supervisors. Cayuga also offers DNA testing for both legal and informational purposes that include child custody, paternity, and support cases.

Brian and his team dedicate their time to customizing Cayuga’s offerings to meet the needs of clients. They go above and beyond to make services accessible and convenient by providing mobile testing and after-hours services. They value their long-standing relationships with area businesses and have become a trusted partner to industries based in the region.

Deeply committed to making a difference in the community, Brian has helped promote outreach programs to raise awareness about the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse. “There are so many individuals fighting drug and alcohol abuse, especially with the ongoing pandemic,” he says. “We’ve made it part of our company’s mission to work closely with the community to help these individuals heal as much as we can.”

Between his work at Cayuga, the non-profit boards he sits on, and the organizations he is involved with, Brian is proud to stand up and make an impact. His passion contributes to his professional growth and he offers this advice to others just starting out: “Be passionate about everything you do. A business without passion behind it will inevitably burn out. You’ve got to have passion to fuel your hunger and drive to succeed.”

As the business continues to expand, Brian hopes that Cayuga will become a recognized leader in the drug and alcohol testing industry, providing a model of success for others to follow. With their service-oriented approach, innovative programming, and commitment to the local community, Brian sees the business as his legacy.

For Central New York companies and municipalities of any size, Cayuga is available to meet drug and alcohol testing needs while exceeding expectations. They will help promote a drug and alcohol-free environment for safer and healthier workplaces and – by extension – communities.

To learn more about Cayuga’s drug, alcohol, or DNA testing services – or to request information about outreach programming – visit You can also get in touch with Brian directly at [email protected]

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