Meet Integral Transfer Agency Founder Jim Adams

May 25, 2021
By James White

james adamsIn 2009, Jim Adams was working with a group of mining companies that were seeking to list on a stock exchange. The companies were unable to get assistance from the only available transfer agencies at the time. They were getting nowhere fast. It seemed to Jim that there might be an opportunity for a service-oriented provider that charged reasonable fees to enter the field.

In short, Integral Transfer Agency assists companies that are seeking outside investors by providing the investor support they need. They serve an international audience, with offices in Toronto and Buffalo and clients around the world. Integral prides itself on offering exceptional service that is independent, impartial, accurate, and timely.

The company caters specifically to MicroCaps, which are publicly traded companies that typically have a market capitalization somewhere between $1 million and $20 million. Once these businesses decide to raise money from investors, they are suddenly faced with a large number of new responsibilities. Without the right experience and knowledge, it’s easy for a company’s staff to be in over their head.

These tasks include registering securities, managing sensitive shareholder information in a way that is safe and secure, and transferring shares as needed. Integral offers all these services, along with stock exchange reporting, shareholder meeting management, and proxy voting.

For companies that are just venturing out into public trading for the first time, Integral is a lifeline. Financial markets and stock exchanges are incredibly complex, with many rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Integral guides their clients through the initial process step by step and provides maintenance service as they build, grow, and thrive.

If your company is on an exchange or contemplating diving into one, Jim has some insight to offer. He advises that taking care of the company’s shareholders and the regulators is of the utmost importance. Those relationships must be managed with great care and attention. While they might not directly make a business grow, neglecting them will absolutely prevent a business from growing.

The Integral Transfer Agency prides itself on delivering exceptional service to its stakeholders while providing fair pricing for the small companies they work with. Their values-driven approach ensures that the organization is continually improving and innovating. Small businesses can find a trusted partner in Integral, someone to help them navigate the financial landscape with greater ease and confidence.

Through their expertise, Integral has launched clients on 10 exchanges across 3 continents. They are proud to have enabled the success of numerous companies, watching them increase their value year after year.

Jim and his team are happy to have a conversation with anyone looking to bring outside investors into their business and those who may need help managing their shareholder responsibilities. The Integral agency’s number one goal is providing small businesses with greater access to the capital markets.

Jim believes there’s no such thing as a typical MidCap business. That’s why Integral is not a typical transfer agent. You can learn more about Integral online at or drop them a line at [email protected]

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