Meet Local Brevard Artist Elizabeth Hunter

May 24, 2021
By James White

C8FEB582 9A2F 404F 850F C934750E8B6B Elizabeth Hunter Studios 1If you’re looking for Elizabeth Hunter, it’s best to start at her art studio where she’s likely to be working on something special. Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, she now lives and paints in Melbourne, Florida as the owner and artist-in-residence of Elizabeth Hunter Studios.

Elizabeth Hunter Studios creates custom artwork for both commercial and residential spaces. Elizabeth has created paintings for diverse properties that include everything from private residences to hotels and restaurants.

Elizabeth doesn’t create in a vacuum. She collaborates with interior designers, builders, hotels, and luxury realtors. The first step in her process is getting to know their vision for each room: the color palettes, the themes, and the feeling that the design is meant to elicit in the beholder. Everything she creates is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

The labors of love that come from her studio are not your ordinary standard-sized paintings. Each one is made-to-measure and will captivate the eye of anyone in their presence. In fact, Elizabeth launched her studio because she recognized a need for original large-scale artwork that would complement the work of interior designers. No one else was offering anything like it; she set out to fill that gap in 2018.

Since then, Elizabeth Hunter Studios has worked with many clients to create beautiful custom pieces for their home or business. When asked who her dream client would be, she does not hesitate. As a Florida resident, Elizabeth would love nothing more than to create artwork for the magical world of Disney! She also hopes to work with the Hilton brand of hotels and resorts someday.

Elizabeth believes that it is her painting technique that sets her apart: through her unique process, she uses layers, transparency, and light to create depth. She typically begins with a custom-sized birch wood canvas and a painted layer. Along the way, she adds and alternates layers of tinted resin and paint.

The designs are such that they appear ever-changing, with a feeling of newness every time they are viewed. The pieces that come out of Elizabeth Hunter Studios typically have a natural theme, inspired by the sky, the ocean, and the grace of life in all forms.

Elizabeth finds fulfillment through her contributions to the community. She donates artwork to various charities and creates custom artwork for families that have experienced a painful loss. “Art can be very healing,” she says. “I feel honored to make a difference in someone’s life.”

When she’s not working on a masterpiece, Elizabeth also works as a luxury realtor herself, specializing in listings. She offers unmatched professional staging services to her clients, along with custom artwork to make homes stand out and sell fast.

Elizabeth has worked hard to get where she is, and she remains devoted to her craft. She is proud of her studio and the beauty of the pieces she puts out into the world. To other artists in the field, her advice is to never stop developing. By always learning and staying focused on the goal, she says that success in the art world is achievable.

An ideal customer for Elizabeth Hunter Studios would be a commercial or residential client that is looking for innovative custom art to compliment their interior design. Anyone looking for something distinctive and special will not be disappointed!

To learn more about Elizabeth Hunter Studios or to check out some of her creations, visit You can also get in touch with Elizabeth directly at [email protected] to discuss custom artwork and real estate needs.

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