Attorney Services

Our team is available to collaborate with other attorneys from across the globe. Some services that we can help provide include:

Pro Hac Vice

This service is required when a licensed out of state attorney in good standing takes on a case in a jurisdiction where they do not have a legal license to practice. Although the attorney can do legal research and prepare documents for the case, they are generally unable to appear in court proceedings such as hearings, motions, and depositions. To appear in a Florida courtroom, an attorney licensed in Florida must file a “Pro Hac Vice Motion” on behalf of the foreign attorney which, if granted by the court, allows the attorney to appear before the court in that particular case. The supervising Florida attorney is required to vouch for the out-of-state attorney and participate in the legal proceedings of the case. In addition, local attorneys provide guidance and information about the local court system, rules, procedures, and preferences. In Florida, an outside attorney is limited to only three such appearances per year.


Most attorneys focus on either one or narrow field of law. If an attorney needs assistance in a specific field of law that they do not have extensive experience with then Easler Law may be able to assist. Easler law takes pride in offering services to its fellow attorneys because no one understands the importance of legal counsel than another attorney.

Expert Witness

Andrew Easler has specialized knowledge and experience in the drug and alcohol testing industry. As an experienced trainer of drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures, Easler works as an expert witness in both federal and state court cases. If you need an expert with knowledge and experience with state and federal drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures, Andrew Easler can help.

Inventory Attorney

Under Florida law, Attorneys who have a practice are required to designate an inventory attorney. An inventory attorney is a lawyer who takes over the cases of another attorney in the event of death, disappearance, disbarment, suspension, or involuntary leave of absence. Only a licensed Florida Bar member can be assigned as an inventory attorney in Florida. If you are having a difficult time finding an attorney who is willing to become an inventory attorney, Easler Law may be able to assist.

Why Choose Easler Law

Just because you have a bar license doesn’t mean you have to practice alone; Easler Law offers a variety of services to support other attorneys. We understand the importance of the ethical and professional standards that a law firm must uphold and hope to work with you to meet those standards.

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